Be a Solar Hero



You can earn $1000’s simply by referring a Friend, Neighbor, Relative or Business Associate?  If the referred friend or neighbor purchases a solar electrical system from us, we’ll pass on a 1% Finder’s Fee to you.  This is our way of giving back to the community and saying “Thank you” for supporting the local economy and Solar Electrical System.

We have one customer who has referred and sold 8 solar electrical systems to date and has vowed to pay for his own system through our referral program.  Our goal is to share our good work and quality installations with your friends and neighbors.

If you will fill out the information below and send it by fax (805-497-6199) or email to, we’ll be sure to connect your name to their account.  This information will allow us to provide our stellar service to your family and friends.  They simply need to send in a recent electric bill to get started with a quote.

Thank you for your support!  Ask about our Solar Party Package.

Referral Form – Solar Electrical Systems

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