New Legislation Makes Solar Power Energy Solutions a Smart Choice for California Businesses

Due to federal tax and financial incentives solar power systems are now extremely affordable for businesses and can significantly reduce your tax liability.  Solar Electrical Systems is your one-stop solar power solutions shop with more than 37 years of commercial solar power and thermal experience.  Our highly-trained, in-house crews and the highest quality products offer you a winning combination for your unique commercial installation.

Solar Power Solutions – Commercial electric rates are on the rise, so solar power is your best bet to reduce costs and save on taxes.

Solar Hot Water Heating – Heating water is a huge expense for hotels, restaurants and apartments. Solar hot water heating is a smart way to save money.  With a 30% federal tax credit, new rebates for solar hot water, accelerated depreciation, and many other financial benefits, the cost of a solar hot water system can be reduced by 50 to 70%.

Solar Pool Heating – Solar power heating for swimming pools is the most cost-effective use of solar energy, providing a 2 to 4 year return on investment. Sunpower can safely and inexpensively heat your property’s pool to a warm temperature, eliminating high gas heating bills.  Solar Electrical Systems uses the most advanced solar power pool heating panel on the market today, backed by the best warranty in the solar energy industry.

In-Deck Solar Pool Heating – In-deck solar pool heating offers an alternative in pool heating for new pool construction. Solar tubing is placed in cement decks, driveways, sport or tennis courts. Water runs through the tubing, and that water is then pumped to your property’s swimming pool, which can dramatically reduce your pool heating bill.

Choosing a solar power energy solutions company that has more than five times the experience of the competition has its advantages. Solar Electrical Systems offers you extensive experience installing complex, customized commercial solar power systems throughout the Southern California area. We offer many things other solar power companies cannot, including:

  • More Than 37 Years Experience — We specialize in customized commercial solar power energy systems.
  • Proven Commercial Performance — Call us and ask about our most recent commercial projects.
  • Industry Innovation Benefits You —We’ve developed innovative solar power design and solar energy installation solutions that save labor and material costs for our clients.
  • Hassle-free Paperwork & Project Management — Leave the paperwork to us and fast-track your project. Our contracts and customer service departments ensure that you can take full advantage of green energy rebates and available solar power tax incentives, which can stretch your budget even further.

Call (805) 497-9808 today to schedule your free consultation to learn how partnering with Solar Electrical Systems can reduce your electric bills and reduce your tax liability.