Solar Electrical Systems means business! Rebates and other tax incentives can cut the cost of solar for your business by as much as 80%. Solar Electric Systems commercial customers enjoy a swift return on investment, making a custom-designed solar power system one of the soundest financial decisions you can make this year. But time is running out! California solar incentives and rebates do not last forever. As the solar rebate and incentive fund is used by satisfied Southern California solar customers, there is less rebate money available. Don’t wait; go solar now. Here are some of the incentives available to our commercial solar power customers:


  • CSI/SCE          Program closed.
  • LADWP           Commercial – $.70 per watt
  • Pasadena        Commercial – under 30kW- $.85 per watt.
    Over 30kW – $.129/kWh
  • Burbank           Program currently not available
  • Glendale          Program currently not available
  • PG&E              Program closed

Federal, Investment Tax Credit

Commercial 30% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Pre-1936 Buildings

10% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Certified Historic Structures

20% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Agricultural Credits

10% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Depreciation

Section 179 Deduction (up to $25,000 for 2015)

5-year MACRS Depreciation

State, Depreciation

Business or Home-Based Business – 5-Year depreciation method for non-Corporate
12-Year Class Life/Recovery period for Corporate Business Taxpayers

Property Value

A historic increase of 3% in property resale value


3-7 year return on investment, 25 year positive after-tax cash flow
(It compares favorably to a 15% tax-free CD)

*As always, please consult your tax advisor.