Government Turns to Solar Power

Southern California government leaders are under federal mandate to increase the use of renewable energy to 7.5% by 2013 and to take energy overall power usage down to 30% by 2015 in government buildings. Experts agree that solar power is one of the best ways to achieve these green energy goals. In response to these initiatives, Solar Electrical Systems has developed efficient high-output, yet cost-effective, solar power solutions for military and other government facilities.

Innovative Solar Power Solutions

Los Angeles Air Force Base recently chose Solar Electrical Systems to install a 360kW solar shadeport project to help them meet the government energy mandates and to reduce monthly electric bills. Solar Electrical Systems customized and specially designed and developed a new factory panelizing procedure that effectively reduced the total on-site labor costs by 20 to 30%.

When higher rebates for government and non-profit organizations are factored in, a solar power energy system by SES makes even more sense. In many cases, it takes as little as 3 years to see a complete return on investment from a custom-designed Solar Electrical Systems solar panel installation. Let us help you get the most solar power for your dollar.

Experience You Can Trust

Choosing a solar power energy solutions company that has more than five times the experience of the competition has its advantages. Solar Electrical Systems offers you extensive experience installing government and non-profit solar power systems throughout the Southern California area. We offer many things other solar power companies cannot, including:

  • More Than 37 Years Experience — We specialize in complex commercial solar power energy systems.
  • Proven Government Performance — Call us and ask about our most recent large government projects.
  • Industry Innovation Benefits You —We’ve developed innovative solar power design and solar energy installation solutions that save labor and material costs for our clients.
  • Hassle-free Paperwork & Project Management — Leave the paperwork to us and fast-track your project. Our contracts and customer service departments ensure that you can take full advantage of green energy rebates and available solar power tax incentives, which can stretch your budget even further.

Call (805) 497-9808 today to schedule your free consultation to learn how partnering with Solar Electrical Systems can help you meet your green initiative goals.