Increasingly, federal mandates are calling for renewable energy installations on government buildings and public projects. Solar energy panels have become the smart solution that government agencies and non-profits seek to satisfy those mandates while staying on target and under budget. Solar energy rebates and other tax incentives can cut the cost of a government or non-profit solar installation by as much as 90% of the original price and still result in millions of dollars in electrical savings. But these solar rebates and tax incentives will not last forever, so act fast.

Here are just a few of the solar incentives and rebates available for government or non-profit solar power installations by Solar Electrical Systems:


  • CSI/SCE        Govt/Non-Profit  $.70 per watt
  • LADWP          Govt/Non-Profit – $1.45 per watt
  • Pasadena       Govt/Non-Profit  Under 30kW – $1.60 per watt,

Over 30kW – $.242/kWh
Affordable Housing – Under 30kW – $4.00 per watt.
Over 30kW – $.632 per kWh

  • Burbank         Program Not Available
  • Glendale        Program Not Available
  • PG&E            Gov/Non-Profit – $.70 per watt

Federal, Investment Tax Credit

Residential – 30% Energy Credit IRS Form 5695
Commercial – 30% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Pre-1936 Buildings

10% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Certified Historic Structures

20% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Agricultural Credits

10% Investment Credit, IRS Form 3468

Federal, Depreciation

Section 179 Deduction (up to $25,000 for 2014)
5-year MACRS Depreciation

State, Depreciation

Business or Home-Based Business – 5-Year depreciation method for non-Corporate
12-Year Class Life/Recovery period for Corporate Business Taxpayers

State, Property Tax Exempt

Solar installations are completely exempt from property tax
(California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 6353.5)

Property Value

A historic increase of 3% in property resale value


3-7 year return on investment, 25 year positive after-tax cash flow
(It compares favorably to a 15% tax-free CD)

*As always, please consult your tax advisor.