7 Maples Apartments

Solar is a smart choice for apartment owners.  Solar can be used to provide electricity for tenants and common areas, it can be used to heat water for the building, and it can be used to heat a common area pool.  The advantages to owners are numerous:

  • Eliminate Your Common Area Utility Bills
  • 30% Tax Credits, 20% Depreciation, 5% Rebates
  • 3-5 Year ROI
  • Add 20% Value to Your Property

Photovoltaics (Solar Electricity)

  • Reduces monthly operating expenses.
  • Offsets energy usage in common areas – offices, meeting areas, walkways.
  • Stabilizes common area rent increases.
  • Supports the green community for positive PR.

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Solar Hot Water

  • Reduces monthly operating expenses.
  • Eligible for new State and Federal Rebates.
  • $400M first-come, first-served rebates.

 Solar Pool Heating

  • Extends swim season for renters.
  • Reduces operating expenses and rents.
  • Perceived value increase for renters.


Call (805) 497-9808 today, and we’ll show you how to add 10% to 20% to your bottom line with solar.  Click here for a complete Powerpoint Presentation on the advantages of solar for apartment owners.